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7 Budget-Friendly Wedding Decor Ideas That Look Expensive

On the hunt for creative ideas to decorate your upcoming Big Day? Even if you’re all about that Pinterest-worthy wedding décor and dealing with budget limitations (and who isn’t?), you’re in luck. From bringing the beach to your wedding to lush backdrops and ingenious ways to make nature a part of your event, there are many ways to make your wedding look like a whimsical wonderland without breaking the bank. Next, we’re looking at seven of the freshest and chicest décor ideas that will definitely agree with your budget yet look expensive at the same time.

1. Seashell Place Cards

Add a touch of shine to your welcome table with mother of pearl iridescence. Make the ocean a part of your gorgeous décor by using seashells as your place cards. Ditch the usual austere place cards for a more natural option – and use a shimmery marker to write each name inside of the shell for a touch of glam. Whether you choose to place them at the entrance or at each seat, these gorgeous shell place cards carry that whimsical, organic appeal that not only looks enchanting, but feels warm and inviting (just like a sandy beach). If set at the entrance, use a rustic tray to display them. An optional extra touch for added whimsy: embrace the ocean-inspired theme and place in each place card a small white round candy, symbolizing a pearl.

2. A Carnation Photo Backdrop

You love the look of blush pink peonies, but not their price tags. If you’re dreaming of a lush backdrop full of gorgeous blooms, but would rather save your money for that amazing exotic honeymoon, then this next little DIY is for you. Create your very own photo backdrop by forgoing the peonies or the roses and opting for pastel pink carnations. For the best effect, hang them individually on a fish string – this way, you’re not going to use crazy amounts of flowers, yet the results will be just as chic. Ideal for an outdoor wedding with strong romantic vibes – and just as great as a wedding arch. The verdict: Instagram photo op alert for all your wedding guests!

3. Candle Centerpieces

When it comes to wedding décor, the centerpieces take the largest part of your budget – and that’s mostly because gorgeous blooms come with very high prices. But luckily, long gone are the days when elegant weddings meant abundantly rich floral centerpieces. These days, elegance comes in simpler designs, with a touch of nature and quite often, minimalism. If you’re on board with this approach, then ditch the pompous floral arrangements for a gorgeous candle mix centerpiece. Use simple glass vases in different sizes, white candles, a solitary flower and include a bit of greenery to add texture to your arrangement. Not only will you get creative centerpieces for a fraction of the price, but you will also add magical lighting to your venue – and possibly saving on lighting as well.

4. White Paper Lanterns

You found your venue but there’s one problem: the walls or the ceiling are looking rather bare. Here’s a solution that will definitely agree with your budget: paper lanterns. While balloons might be an equally cheap alternative, paper lanterns are definitely the chicer and more sophisticated option, not to mention more eco-friendly, since they are reusable. Create a Pinterest-worthy alluring space with the help of crisp white lanterns – whether using them for an arch, for the ceiling or for any other area. Ideal pick for wedding tents, outdoor weddings, but also indoor spaces that look too bare or too rigid, paper lanterns are a great addition when you aim to create texture and warmth. In order to make your space look expensive, stick to a sophisticated color palette – preferably one hue only: white or off-white. For extra layering, add in gorgeous greenery like fern, ruscus or huckleberry.

5. Eucalyptus Napkin Rings

No need to opt for fancy and expensive napkin rings when you have nature to count on. Greenery is the latest trend when it comes to weddings – and this year, everything from the guestbook to the chair décor is big on greenery – the wilder, the better. For a very affordable, organic napkin ring, simply count on eucalyptus and the string of your choice. Elegant means less glam and glitz this year when it comes to wedding décor trends, which is why you can’t go wrong whenever you incorporate a bit of the outdoors into your wedding – whether your inspo comes from the ocean, the forest, the orchard or a lush garden.

6. Apothecary Dry Flower Centerpieces

Apothecary has been a hot trend in the wedding décor niche for a few years now – and if a high-end rustic event is on your calendar, then it’s a perfect match. Vintage bottles in darker hues pair exceptionally well with dry flowers. The results: unique, bohemian centerpieces that avoid the exorbitant prices of your standard flower arrangements. The perfect fit: a wedding in neutral tones, a fall wedding, an outdoor wedding that’s chic and cozy – or a setting that’s equal parts quirky and chic. Combine these types of centerpieces with as many natural materials as possible, starting with natural brown woods, raffia and burlap, as well as natural cotton and linens or terracotta bowls for a look that’s authentic, rustic-chic and timeless at the same time.

7. Ribbon Chair Decorations

Affordable chair decorations can be a challenge, mostly because you need very large amounts. The solution: opt for ribbon. Ribbon is not only affordable, but chic and elegant, especially when you are opting for a curated color palette and natural fabrics. Purchasing large quantities of ribbon, then cutting and tying them yourself or with the help of your friends will certainly drop the costs as well. Subtly moving in the breeze or wind, these wedding chair decorations are ideal for an outdoor wedding – whether you’re getting married on the beach or in a backyard. Opt for natural wood chairs to go with your whimsical décor and forgo the plastic, ultra-polished pieces for that effortless earthy vibe.

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